The Golden Mile

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Film maker: Ian Henschke

It’s the story of one the most extraordinary partnerships in sporting history, between the invincible miler and 1500m champion Herb Elliott and his unorthodox but visionary coach Percy Cerutty.

But it’s about much more than athletics. It’s about how to achieve a goal in life and what it takes to succeed.

Twice Olympic 1500m gold medallist Lord Sebastian Coe, now the head of World Athletics appears in the film and so does 2022 1500m Commonwealth Gold Medallist Ollie Hoare, the first Australian to win the event since Herb Elliott.

Herb Elliott is now 86. Both he and his family insist this will be his last and definitive interview. They provided wonderful family 8mm film never before screened publicly. There’s also a wealth other archival material making it an historic as well as inspiring and moving film. Not to be missed.

The cinematography is by Wayne Harley ex ABCTV Foreign Correspondent and Four Corners, and editing by Sean Lander who edited the groundbreaking Gold Walkley winning series Labor in Power.


24:00 minutes


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