The Alpine Run Project

  • Australia

Prominent cast: John McAvoy
Locations: UK and France, Switzerland, Italy (UTMB race)

12 young athletes changing the world, here to defy the odds and show that nothing is
impossible.Only 43% of young people in inner cities complete the weekly recommendation of physical activity. This is reflected in the sport of trail running which is still largely the domain of middle-class white men. By 2027 the Alpine Run Project with John McAvoy, Nike, JD Sports and YBB will help 100,000 young people from diverse backgrounds in cities across Europe take part in trail running. By doing so this year, these 12 runners are part of a movement that will change the face of sport.
From city streets to the epic alpine trail race at UTMB, this documentary captures their
emotive and powerful journey, to inspire change.


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