Project Impossible

  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Film Maker: William Corlett & Cameron Watt

18-year-old Aussie Larrikin, William Corlett, takes on a colossal challenge. To run 200km in 24hrs, the length of Tasmania! Running from Launceston to Hobart driven to raise $200,000 for Lifeline Australia. Raising awareness for the crisis support service.

With relentless support from his 3 red P wielding mates, they embark on a mission self determined IMPOSSIBLE.

Project Impossible is a heart pounding story, showcasing the spirit of young Australians, the power of comradery, & the limitless potential of human determination.

Support Will’s Lifeline Fundraiser

William Corlett, having previously raised over $13,000, is now aiming to reach $200,000 for Lifeline Australia.

On June 23, 2024, he will embark on a monumental challenge: running The King of the Mtns, the longest continuous trail in the Blue Mountains National Park, spanning 505km in just 7 days. This daring feat will take place in the week following the Winter Solstice, tackling 2.3 times the height of Mt Everest amidst the cold, dark, and windy conditions of the Blue Mountains.

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