Finding Community: A Trail Running Community Story

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Finding Community: A Trail Running Community Story

“Finding Community: A Trail Running Community Story” charts the transformative path of a former basketball coach turned long-distance runner. At 30, having never run competitively, the protagonist embarks on a journey of self-discovery through the world of cross country and marathon running. This documentary captures the initial struggles and profound revelations encountered when embracing a new passion later in life.

The film opens with our protagonist reflecting on the burnout experienced from years of coaching basketball and the serendipitous invitation to join a school’s running team. This leads to a challenging yet rewarding venture into running, starting with a half-marathon that sparks a deep love for the sport. The narrative delves into the mental and physical transformations that follow, highlighted by the protagonist’s first daunting 50K trail run in rugged terrain.

Throughout the documentary, viewers are taken on scenic trail runs where every step is meditative and each breath of fresh air brings a sense of peace. The protagonist explores the contrasts between city and trail running, finding solace and strength in the natural landscapes. The film also emphasizes the community aspect of running, showcasing how local running groups and events foster a supportive and motivating environment.

“Finding Community: A Trail Running Community Story” is not just about running; it’s about overcoming personal barriers, finding community, and reconnecting with oneself through the simple act of moving forward. It is a testament to the human spirit’s capacity to find new passions and redefine personal limits, even when starting later in life.


16.5 minutes


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