Film Makers, Story tellers, Welcome to
RunNation Film Festival.

Run Nation Film Festival has been formed to bring human interest stories to the wider community, using running as the medium of storytelling. It wants to celebrate the power of running, how it inspires oneself via creative expression through the medium of film, thus providing a truly interactive and immersive experience.

The inaugural festival was back in 2015 held in just Sydney, Australia. It was a compilation of a series of short films of various length. One of the pieces was the story of Kirrily Dear who ran 860km through the countryside of New South Wales, to raise awareness of Domestic Violence. The piece told of the physical and emotional toll it had on her, through the running and, at the same time, the many disclosures from women while she was out running. Another story was of the 2012 Boston Marathon Champion and former University of Louisville runner, Wesley Korir, who not only won Boston, but then ran for parliament in Kenya as an independent candidate, and won. That having been said, for fans of the sport. the film also is about why they run, why they race, what motivates them, and shows the Kenyan running phenomena up close and personal like never before. Both pieces truly epitomised what RunNation Film Festival is all about, the human spirit.

The festival has since grown to over 25,000 audiences over past four years across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore & Malaysia. The 2019 & 2020 will see the tour continuing it’s path to inspire runners all around the world as it expands into United States, United Kingdom & more parts of Asia.

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