City2Surf Runnation Premiere


RunNation Premiere 

The RunNation Film Festival presented by Travelling Fit will premiere its 2018 tour as part of the City2Surf expo, to be held 9-11 August 2018 on Level 4 of the International Convention Centre (ICC). At the expo, you'll have the opportunity to interact with 110+ local and international brands, gain fitness and nutritional advice from a range of professionals, win prizes and even have a coffee! 

On 11 August, we'll host a full day program of things RNFF at the Pyrmont theatre on Level 2 of the ICC. We'll kick off with RunNation: Real Stories, bringing to you three informed and infinitely inspiring stories from those who like to run. We'll continue with the Australian premiere of our exclusive feature film, Tracktown, which will slide us nicely into the world premiere of the 2018 RunNational Film Festival. We guarantee you'll leave us feeling ridiculously ready to run your very best.

“The RunNation world premiere is set to enhance the audiences’ overall experience by enriching, educating and empowering them through the best running films and various talks by amazing athletes; they’ll leave inspired to perform at their very best, whatever their goal is.”
— Keith Hong, RNFF Festival Director

RunNation FILM Festival presented by Travelling Fit World premiere  > 2.30PM to 4.30pm

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Live the passion, the purpose and the people

Now in our fourth year of tour, we’ve selected the very best running films to leave your heart pounding and your mind mesmerised. Presented by Travelling Fit, our 2018 collection of original short films will focus on human-interest stories that use running as the medium of storytelling. 

Two hours of running inspiration – you won’t break a sweat, but you may wipe a tear. From the elite athletes’ experience through to the back-of-the-pack runners, you’ll live the good, the bad and the painful. Because it’s more than just tracks and trails, roads and ultras; these films will inspire us all to put on our runners and feel the air in our lungs. These are real life stories with heart, soul and passion that will leave you thinking, talking and inspired to reach your next level best.