Boston:The Documentary

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AUstralian premiere & screening

Run Nation is proud to bring to you the first-ever feature-length documentary film about the world’s most storied running race - the Boston Marathon for a screen release in June 2018.   

The Australian cinematic release will be symbolic with BOSTON being showcased to Australian audiences in the country which featured prominently in the film, depicting scenes of 1986 Boston champion  “Deek”, and the runners of his Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF)

The Australian screen tour travels through four capital cities – with the premiere to be held in Sydney on June 19, followed by Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane – will link directly with Deek’s Foundation, with all profits going towards the charity. The IMF is a health promotion charity that uses running to celebrate Indigenous Australians’ resilience and achievement, and to create inspirational Indigenous leaders.

Presented by John Hancock and made in cooperation with the Boston Athletic Association, BOSTON is produced and directed by award-winning filmmaker/marathoner Jon Dunham (Spirit of the Marathon I & II); narrated by Oscar-winning actor Matt Damon;  produced by Academy Award® nominee Megan Williams, and Eleanor Bingham Miller; executive produced by Academy Award® nominee and Boston Marathon competitor Frank Marshall (Back to the Future, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Sully), Tom Derderian and David Williams. The film’s original soundtrack is by five-time Emmy® winner Jeff Beal (House of Cards, Blackfish) and was recorded by members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

BOSTON chronicles the story of the iconic race as it evolved from a working man’s challenge to welcoming foreign athletes and eventually women, becoming the stage for many firsts and in no small part paving the way for the modern marathon and mass participation sports. The film features many of running’s greatest champions including Robert de Castella, Shalane Flanagan, Meb Keflezighi, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter and Joan Benoit Samuelson.

Jon Dunham will travel to Australia and appear live at each cinema for a unique pre-screening perspective to Australian audiences with an insightful personal presentation on the making of the film. Deek will also be present and will provide insights into his Boston win and the greatest passion of his life now, the Indigenous Marathon Foundation. The event will be co-hosted by seasoned sports media personality, commentator and two-time Boston Marathoner Ian Eckersley and Run Nation Film Festival director, recreational running personality & major events specialist Keith ‘Buzz’ Hong.

Running well is a matter of having the patience to persevere when we are tired and not expecting results
— Rob 'Deek' de Castella, AO, MBE, Founder of Indigenous Marathon Foundation.

About the film

“BOSTON” is the first feature-length documentary film about the world’s most legendary running race – the Boston Marathon. The film chronicles the story of the iconic race from its humble origins 120 years ago, starting with only 15 runners, to the present day. The Boston Athletic Association granted exclusive documentary rights to BOSTON producers as well as use of the Association’s extensive archive of video, photos and memorabilia. The film showcases many of the most important moments in the history of the oldest annually contested marathon in the world. Evolving from a working man’s challenge to welcoming foreign athletes and, eventually, women, Boston is the stage for many firsts paving the way for the modern marathon and mass participatory sports.

BOSTON immerses the viewer into the world of the marathon – the only sport in which an everyday athlete can participate alongside the best in the world – to experience the preparation, competition and camaraderie of the runners and the loyal dedication and support of the spectators. Recounting the history of Boston champions such as Johnny Kelley – who ran the marathon through eight decades; and Stylianos Kyriakides – who won in 1946 to raise money for food, supplies and other relief for his home nation, Greece; and following modern athletes such as Olympic medalist Shalane Flanagan, BOSTON connects the history of the marathon and its runners with the 2014 race in an inspiring telling of heroism, friendship, dedication, and bravery.

Following the tragic events of 2013, BOSTON records the preparations and eventual running of the 118th Boston Marathon one year later when runners and the community gather once again in support of one another for what would be the most meaningful race of all. Runners and spectators join together, “Boston Strong,” to overcome the fear of the terrible, exhibiting the best of the human spirit. Accompanied by Jeff Beal’s original score and narrated by Boston native Matt Damon, BOSTON imparts an emotional journey into the wondrous kaleidoscope of the marathon, a microcosm of the ability of humans of all ages, genders and races to be unified by a single event.

ABOUT ROBERT 'Deek' De Castella & IMF

Rob de Castella, ‘Deek’ as he is affectionately known, put marathon running on the map during his athletics career. His amazing runs in the 1980’s encouraged many people to watch or participate in marathon races. He was rightly internationally acclaimed as the number one marathon runner in the World in the 1980’s.

Rob established Indigenous Marathon Foundation in 2009 and in 2010 the first four Indigenous Australians created history as the first to run in the world’s biggest marathon – New York City Marathon – as part of one of the IMF’s core programs; the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP).

The IMP has grown significantly with 75 Graduates finishing a major international marathon including New York, Boston and Tokyo, and receiving a qualification with a Certificate III in Fitness (formerly a Certificate IV in Leisure and Health) delivered by AFL Sports Ready

The continual growth and expansion of the IMP led to the establishment of the IMF in 2015 which umbrellas four core programs:

  • The Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP)
  • Indigenous Communities for Activity and Nutrition (I-CAN)
  • FrontRunners (a Graduate specific program)
  • Deadly Running Australia (DRA)

Running and physical activity underpin all IMF programs and we are committed to providing social, inclusive, and fun environments for people to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.


 Director Jon Dunham (L) & Actor Matt Damon (R)

Director Jon Dunham (L) & Actor Matt Damon (R)

Specially flying in for this unique fund raising event is award winning film maker Jon Dunham. Jon is a seasoned filmmaker as well as a 25-time marathon finisher. The fusion of both these passions is reflected in his Spirit of the Marathon films.

Premiering at the 2007 Chicago International Film Festival, Spirit of the Marathon won the coveted Audience Award. It was subsequently released in more than 400 cinemas across the United States, where it grossed over $1 Million in two days on its way to becoming one of the year’s most successful theatrically released documentary films. The critically acclaimed production, which has become a cult classic among runners, was followed by Spirit of the Marathon II in 2013.

BOSTON is the filmmaker’s third and final film on the subject and marks the first time in the legendary race’s history that the complete story will be told in a feature-length film.

As a cinematographer, Dunham has lensed a wide range of documentaries and has filmed on every continent.